Tripartite Gas Alliance

In an article by Sergey Kapitonov on, it's highlighted that Central Asia, historically pivotal in the Soviet gas industry, has shifted its gas partnership focus from Russia to China. The proposed 'Tripartite Gas Union' involving Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan lacks impact without Turkmenistan's participation. The article emphasizes strong gas ties with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, China's prominence as a consumer, and the evolving dynamics in the region's gas cooperation landscape. Sergey Kapitonov's analysis, published on, delves into the intriguing prospects of the "Tripartite Union." The focus is on the feasibility of supplying Russian gas to South Asian markets, where India seeks to increase its gas share in the energy mix. The piece explores the potential benefits for Pakistan's gas shortage and the challenges of redirecting Russian gas to this region. It emphasizes the need for diplomatic efforts, technical solutions, and substantial investments to tap into this promising market.