Project Center for Energy Transition
and ESG
Project Center for
Energy Transition
and ESG
The Project Center is focused on three main areas:
  • Continued professional education and public reviews on decarbonization and energy transition
  • Technology consulting
  • Research & development of new technology for decarbonization of heavy industry
    Integrated platform for simulation of CO2 sequestration in aquifers,
    in collaboration with MSU for Gazpromneft

    PEAQ Drilling Simulator for GazpromNeft, in collaboration with CET MIPT
    Machine learning on field data for hydraulic fracturing design optimization, for Gazprom Neft
    CyberFrac, by a consortium with Gazpromneft
    AI-aided computational search of new energy materials
    for Sber AIRI

    Master of Science
    Laboratories and research
    Group of continued professional education,
    Head Irina Gayda, MBA
    ESG risk assessment group, Head Andrei Osiptsov, DSс, Full Professor
    Lab for Modeling of Multiphase Systems,
    Head Dr. Sergei Boronin, Assistant Professor
    Continuing professional education for business
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    Andrei Osiptsov
    Irina Gaida
    Aslan Kasimov
    Sergei Boronin
    Alexander Kvashnin
    Ilya Chepkasov
    Evgenii Kanin
    Sergei Kapitonov
    Ekaterina Grushevenko
    Yuliya Lyashik
    Valeriya Vorobyeva
    Elizaveta Kurganova
    Elizaveta Burkovskaya
    Varvara Mikheeva
    Alena Samokhina

    Elizaveta Kurganova, Team Assistant

    +7 (903) 019 07 09

    Valeriya Vorobyeva, Project Manager

    +7 (495) 280 14 81, ext. 3423

    Continuing professional education for business

    Elizaveta Burkovskaya, Senior Specialist

    +7 (495) 280 14 81, ext. 3335

    Contacts for mass media

    Olga Ustinova, PR

    +7 (916) 928 80 44

    Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

    The Territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center

    Russia, Moscow, 121205, Bolshoy Boulevard, 30, bld.1