Fostering Gender Equality in Environmental Leadership: Insights from Skoltech's Irina Gaida at the Nevsky International Environmental Congress

Irina Gaida, the deputy director of the Energy Center, represented Skoltech at the Nevsky International Environmental Congress. She addressed the audience during the event “Open Dialogue of Women Leaders in Environmental Initiatives” (4:52, RUS) and took part in the roundtable discussion on national strategies and priorities in environmental protection (1:41:20, RUS). During her presentations, Irina highlighted the remarkable achievements of women in science, including the exemplary graduates and scientists of Skoltech. That said, she also shed light on the persisting barriers that hinder women from fully implementing their ideas. Despite their interest in science and other related fields, women face ongoing obstacles in education and employment. These barriers restrict their opportunities to contribute to the environmental agenda and sustainable development at the highest legislative level. Irina emphasized the importance of addressing these barriers to ensure women’s active involvement in shaping a sustainable future.