Decarbonization for Industry Experts

The “Decarbonization for Industry Experts” thematic event, organized by the Energy Transition Center in collaboration with experts from the Applied AI, Energy, and Petroleum centers, and the Material Discovery Laboratory — as well as external specialists — took place November 1-3 on the Skoltech campus. It was an opportunity for the Lukoil-Engineering company to receive information, guidance, and training tailored to the specific needs of the oil and gas sector. The event covered essential topics such as adapting to climate risks, devising decarbonization strategies, and exploring technologies for reducing the carbon footprint. The participants engaged in group discussions, learned about AI applications for assessing climate risks, and delved into discussions about carbon regulation in Russia. The program also included sessions on energy and resource efficiency, new technologies, the competition between fuel types, deep decarbonization, digitalization, and the use of AI solutions for decarbonization. Attendees collaborated to identify the most suitable decarbonization technologies for their regions and enterprises.