Stretching with a flexible pipeline to reach the markets of sale

In an article by Sergey Kapitonov on, the focus is on Russia's shift to LNG production for global markets due to limitations in exporting pipeline gas. The article delves into Russia's LNG projects, addressing challenges posed by upcoming US LNG supply surpluses. Overcoming these hurdles might involve strategies such as attractive pricing and diversification, which could enhance Russia-China gas cooperation. While these projects retain competitive advantages like cost-effective Arctic extraction and proximity to markets, Russia's readiness for new projects raises significant technological questions. Historically, large-scale Russian LNG projects have relied on international consortia using Western technologies. Despite this, Russia has its alternatives – such as the successful use of the "Arctic Cascade" technology. However, technological gaps, high import dependence, and challenges in creating an LNG carrier fleet pose obstacles. Overcoming these issues will be essential for Russia's sustained presence in the LNG market beyond 2030.